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Angel Oracle Readings with Venus


💫 Celestial Angel Oracle reading with Venus 🌟mini

 15 mins 

Venus is a highly adept Angel Oracle.

  This bohemian by blood has been reading for the public for over 30 years, from parties to one-on-ones, one the road, street markets to cafes & the streets to hotel suites, to storefronts, to her very own living room. She channels frequencies of uplifting light for you and your loved ones. Enjoy a sprinkle of fairy dust to your day, receive your own personal video recording of her angelic card reading for you. 

Mermaids, unicorns & angels oh my enjoy fresh insight! 

For whimsical uplifting twinkles you can replay. Email Venus your question and receive Video recording response. 

"Magically tea with me🔮Venus Master Mary Rose, 

your guide to tranquility."  

Once booked, details catered to you & confirmed by a followup email to get you started for an amazing angel oracle reading from Venus. 

Book & make sure you have the correct email in your Sparklebalm online scheduling account to contact you with the dots for celestial vibrations. 


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Sparklebalm's Reassurance Statement

To those of you concerned for yourself & loved ones, I want you to know that Sparklebalm is dedicated to channeling every immunity boosting, soul & body soothing natural remedy resource, calm guidance and healing service that we possibly can to make it through this worldwide pandemic victoriously! Your Guide, Venus

INTERVENUS Immunity Video Series

Press the Purple 'Become ANTIVIRAL' Button to access to your hookup.


Presenting Venus only the balm can treat you the best

AntiViral AnitInflammatory AntiDepressant

In professional Practice Since 1984


Sparklebalm describes how clients feel during & after their treatments with Venus Master Mary Rose. 

Healing Starlit fizz surges through your body igniting a self healing force that brings you deep inner alignment throughout your mind, emotions & cells.

Your Guide to Relaxation

 An exceptional fusion of sacred services in mind & body healing treatments with healing oil blends. 

Become even more comfortable Within your own Body. All you need is to relax & Just breathe.

BROADCASTING: Beach Meditations  HookUp to Venus's IV 

Dripfeeding you free daily video content Guidance into Relaxation & Immunity INTERVENUS Become ANTIVIRAL 

Guided Meditations, Online Healing Energy, Immunity Boosting Classes.


 Coming Soon... 

Angel Oracle Readings & Guided Relaxation LIVESTREAMING with worldwide GROUP & ONE on ONE

We are Continuing Our Beach Meditations

In Vancouver Social Distancing Etiquette honoured. Individuals sit at the required distance. If you have a household pod of 2 or more peeps you are in quarantine with, they can sit close with you. Each household pod & individual respects the current requested distance. Limited seating in groups under 10. Get linked for LIVESTREAM Immunity Boosting, Soothing Guidance and Relaxation.

Connect with Nature


Friday March 27th 2020

7am 60 minutes.


Email at  

Call our Sparklebalm Hotline 604-428-3472

Healing Massage, oils & messages Emerge Vibrant & Tranquil

Daughter of Venus ChakraRani

Daughter of Venus ChakraRani

Daughter of Venus ChakraRani


Sparklebalm's Energetic Assistant bringing you healing modalities such as Smudging, Crystals and Singing Bowls during your healing treatments.

Healing Oils

Daughter of Venus ChakraRani

Daughter of Venus ChakraRani


Handmade by Venus

Every Sparklebalm healing treatment provides you with 

Anti-Viral Immunity Boosting 

local organic botanical craft full spectrum infusions. 

Clear Anxiety

Eliminate Death & Disease

Repair Nerves, bones, muscles

*Specifically helps clear lung congestion instantly & long lasting.

Current Blend: Spring Warmth

Bottled Droppers available for mail order within Canada or pickup.



Daughter of Venus ChakraRani

Angel Oracle Messages

In every treatment wisdom of soothing nerve endings with one touch activates deep wellness inside.

Within every treatment is the wisdom of calming your nerve endings with appropriate acupressure which activates your wellness into even deeper levels.

Angel Oracle Messages

Angel Oracle Messages

Angel Oracle Messages


After all she is Venus ..CHAT or Call your personal Angel Oracle 

Get Celestial with Venus 💫 Short or Full Angel Oracle Readings   & TrueLove Relationship  

Get your vibration where it needs to be for attract satisfying fulfillment and effortlessly repel ill wishes.
Your Angel Oracle is here broadcasting 100%Divine love. 

Venus brings you angelic warmth & insight with card readings and more for uplifting your everyday existence. Support your sense of true identity during your journey here on earth with a little heavenly feedback. 

On Sparklebalm Radio Venus broadcasts LIVE readings, relaxing meditations, spontaneous channeling. 

Golden Era Healing

Angel Oracle Messages

Sparklebalm Academy


 Venus infuses nature's healing energy into every move she makes.

 Multiple modalities & tools are brought to the table by Venus, literally, with her intuitive light instinct active in her practice.

 She is acknowledged by powerful light masters as beyond the modern teachings of Reiki.

  • induces aura wellness
  • restoring your energy centers
  • Golden Dragon & White Unicorn crystal gem energy 

Sparklebalm Academy

Angel Oracle Messages

Sparklebalm Academy


 Classes & Workshops  

 Friday Sunrise Beach Meditations 

Self Care, Couples & Practitioners.

Weekly LoveBalm Self Care Massage Wellness Guided Meditation with Venus & her Healing oils.

Sparklebalm Self Healing Energy Course & Massage Practitioner Apprenticeship

Sparklebalm HEaling Massages ONLY the balm can treat you the best


Mesmerizing Deep Tissue

 I infuse healing energy into every move celestially sedating your muscles into their healing state instantly inducing far reaching effects. I work deeply into the tissues in a way that soothes and restores you to your stable sense of well being. Immerse yourself in my effective intuitive fusion of Deep tissue, Reflexology, Healing energy and organic nourishing oils in every treatment. 

For full transformative effect on your body visit me 3x/month. 



Soothing Swedish Sweeps

 Melt away muscle tension effortlessly. 

 Easing you to Boost your immunity, mood & energy.

Balm is a healing ointment, a salve that brings restoration to cells.

To embalm is to wrap up tenderly yet secure 

in order to honour rebirth from one life to the next.

Transform yourself within this life by the guidance of Venus. 33 years experience in skillful renewal of healing massage & celestially supportive modalities.


Fraser River Bridal Falls Hot Stones

Hot Stones pair with Sparklebalm soothing sweeps. As they are placed in perfect positioning warming your muscles while she works wonders all over your body with her hands, she also will pressure point and iron out the toughest of knots with these little ancestors of Earth. Her stones were gathered by her & her husband Winter 2019. They are heated & used with her oil blends to add into treatments as needed to your session when at her home practice. A warm hug radiates towards your muscles to help you feel even more comfortable in your body. 

About Sparklebalm


Sacred Wellness

Experienced Knowledge

Sacred Wellness

Not only a soothingly restorative & relaxing deep tissue but a full spectrum of wellness. Each treatment is a gorgeous infusion of healing energy, oils, reflexology with smudging, crystals and readings as desirable. 


Venus Cares

Experienced Knowledge

Sacred Wellness

Only the Balm treats you the best! Known for her incomparable skills, she devotes 100% to give you an epic experience every time you visit with her. From the moment you walk in her doors or she arrives at yours you are in heavenly hands!


Experienced Knowledge

Experienced Knowledge

Experienced Knowledge

Venus is a psychic masseuse.

 She authentically assesses your needs with you so you receive the healing massage you're craving.

Yes that's right! She has been practicing massage from home, salons, travels, beaches and mobile since 1986, for just over 30 years now. 


Our InPerson Treatments are currently on PAUSE

Sparklebalm is By Appointment Only

1040 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6H1C4, CA

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