An exceptional fusion of sacred services in mind & body healing treatments 

with healing oil blends.

Welcome to Sparklebalm


Describes how my clients feel during & after their treatments with me. 

Starlit fizz surges through your body igniting a self healing force that brings you deep inner alignment

throughout your mind, emotions & cells. 

Easing you to Boost your immunity, mood & energy.

Balm is a healing ointment, a salve that brings restoration to cells.

To embalm is to wrap up tenderly yet secure 

in order to honour rebirth from one life to the next.

Transform yourself with the guidance of my 30 years experience in skillful renewal

of healing massage & celestially supportive modalities.

Sparklebalm MENU & RATES


Winter Magick​ 

          Cedar Cleanse 

     Feel the cedar boughs bless you. 


A 2 hour immersion

 into deep tissue muscle with 

  chakra auric cleanse.

Clear your sinuses & your mind. Unlock your capabilities

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Provision of Healing 

Services & Products

Healing Massage

Individuals & Couples can partake. 

I am devoted to providing holistic methods of healing massage & energy work catered to you.  30 years I have been giving healing massage professionally. Since 1988. The past 15 years I have been serving Vancouver residents and visitors from my home practice & with my Elite Ensuite mobile service. My daughter, Chakra, now assists me with more healing modes while I work on you. We work in unison. I infuse healing energy into every move. I mesmerize your muscles into its healing state instantly & far reaching effects. I work deeply into the tissues in a way that soothes and restores you to your wellbeing. Immerse yourself in my effective intuitive fusion of Deep tissue, Reflexology, Reiki, and organic nourishing oils in every treatment. For full transformative effect you want to visit 3x/month.

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Healing oils

Yes you heard that right we are cannabis friendly. Cannabis wellness is found here. You will receive a massage with these kinds of wellness plant oils.

I blend and brew organic plant based healing oils. Handmade infusions by Venus' Offerings are in massage bottles, roll-ons, tinctures, celestially hand painted glass bottles & jars. These healing oils blends are Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, Anti-oxidant, Anti-tumoral/Anti-cancer, Anxiolytic and Anti-depressant. 

Along with the effectiveness of my healing massage the oils continue to work deeply on you. Over the past 4 years, I have witnessed & experienced my blends Combat: 

  • swelling & inflammation
  • anxiety & depression
  • psychosis disorders
  • neurodegenerative issues
  • tumor & cancer cells
  • muscle tension
  • headaches, stiffness
Induce vibrant glowing skin

 deeper sleep, bone healing and immunity boosting.Help immensely with pain relief, cell regeneration and bone health. Recovery time speeds up instantly & far reaching,

For over 25 years I have professionally practiced the art of reading cards with meditative healing energy from fairy, mermaid, true love tarot cards, to angels, Arch angels & animal medicine.

You can book Angel Oracle readings in person or over the phone online HOTLINE

With or Without Healing Massage Mobile to you or at Sparklebalm.

Everything connects psychosomatically. 

I bring you angelic warmth & insight to your everyday existence for the purpose to restoratively support your sense of true identity during your journey. 

You can subscribe to my live broadcast Sparklebalm radio station Golden Era Anchor of Magical Messages.

These messages are exquisite for calming and lifting you up. 

You can also....

Arrange text CHATs & CALLs

on my Angel Oracle Online Hotline

 for True Love & Spiritual Readings 

Activate your quantum shifts to help your experience in life to be a full, deep & honest expression of yourself. 

Bring yourself to be even more comfortable in your own body & relationships. 

My Angel Oracle readings have extraordinary life altering results!

My Healing gifts to you!

Sparklebalm has handmade healing oil blends & yummy decadent treats each month. 

Featuring seasonal, organic, natural,sacred gift items. 

Have your gifts delivered by mail order to your home within Canada, to your mobile Elite Ensuite massage booking or pickup at your next at home with Venus session. 

Boxes of Peruvian truffles from Budderfly, handcrafted healing massage oils and hand written angel readings by Venus.

I create & carry health & wellness items from nutrition to beauty. On display at Sparklebalm's home location.

Venus is unlocking the Secrets of Sparklebalm 

This SPRING  ​An Academy of Wellness that compares to no other. 

Venus is creating her crew from scratch to seamlessly continue expanding and bringing her Elite Ensuite mobile  treatments to Vancouver & its guests. No experience necessary. 

If you do have some massage experience you are most welcome to immerse yourself 

in this saturating wellness regime that grants you an active role on her practitioner's team.

Training begins this spring 2019.

Venus apprenticing you for the year gives a self care program at the heart of the course

 so that you are truly becoming and experiencing your uniqueness in being the healer you are.

Within 3 weeks begin Hands On practicum 

By 2 months begin earning double minimum wage plus tips alongside Venus

At 6 months you are on board.

Topics include Venus' signature soothing deep tissue Healing massage

Wonders of healing energy & oils.

Let's talk Cannabis this is a cannabis friendly course with plenty of education.

15 hours per week over a year's time, Aimed to fit your schedule.

This is a just under $15k course includes monthly healing massage self care directly from Venus, access to be on her team and start earning within 2 months time plus all your own equipment & supplies.

Trade & Payment Plans also available if needed.


for Info Night this month

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 Get Sparklebalmed!! 

​Magical Latte Angel Oracle readings with Venus


 Organic Infusions 

Healing massage oils

 Chocolate Truffles




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