An exceptional combination of services in mind & body healing treatments with spa products.

Welcome to Sparklebalm

Sparklebalm is the description of how my clients feel after and during their treatments from me. Starlit fizz surges through their bodies igniting a self healing force that brings them deep inner alignment throughout their mind & cells. Balm is a healing ointment, a salve that brings restoration to cells. To embalm is to wrap up tenderly yet secure in order to honour rebirth from one life to the next. Transform yourself with the guidance of my 28 years experience in skillful renewal of healing massage and supportive modalities. 

Sparklebalm  MENU & RATES

Cannabis Farmers Market: Saturday May 6th 

 Sparklebalm has a healing booth at Vancouver's Cannabis Monthly Market 

Come on down to get Sparklebalmed!! on Robson st. in front of the Art Gallery


​Magical healing fairy readings & massages with Julie, the Angel Oracle herself. 

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Hunny Bunch CBD Healing massage Oil

THC infused Goddess Gooballs, 

Chronic Cupcakes

Budderfly's Chocolate Truffles

RockStar infused from the Bunny Kief Farm Organic. 

Look for her flower fairy troupe with signature t-shirts on! 




Services & Products 

Providing both male & female with healing massage services

Angel Oracle

For 25 years Julie has professionally practiced the art of reading cards with meditative Reiki from Faery tarot to angel to animal totem. 

Everything connects psychosomatically. Julie brings you angelic warmth and insight to your everyday existence in the purpose that you may restore your sense of true identity. Exquisite for uplifting you. 

Angel Oracle Spiritual Readings activate quantum shiftings that help your experience to be full, deep & honest. Bring yourself to be even more comfortable in your own body. The breakthroughs are extraordinary, to say the least.

InHouse Cannabis Healing oils

Handmade CBD infusions in celestially handpainted glass bottles & jars. Non-psychoactive. 

CBD combats psychosis disorders; 


disorders; tumor & cancer cells; anxiety and depression disorders.

CBD is Medicinal



Anti-tumoral/Anti-cancer, Anxiolytic and an Anti-depressant. Helps immensely with pain relief, cell regeneration and bone health. As it does not get one high, no medical doctor's note is required for use of CBD oils.

Healing Massage

Individuals & Couples can partake. I am devoted to providing holistic methods of massage & energy work. You can book your appointment for my home practice location or mobile to your Vancouver suite/residence.


Current Items Most are handmade by Julie Dujardin, herself. Seasonal oil blends & natural sacred gift items. Health & wellness items from nutrition to beauty.