The Locals 

Ultimate Star 


 One full hour deep healing massage treatment 

with Venus at her home location. 

Weekly Love Balm guided massage

 with healing oils meditation invitation, 

Monthly Gift box 

Celestially wrapped by Venus 

with your preference of truffles or healing oils 

or one of each. 

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Ultimate Star Member

Star Service Mail Order Delivery 

Discreet & Celestially wrapped. Month to month receive gifts from Sparklebalm. Seasonal features! Orders can be delivered within Canada. 

 No pesky Strings Attached

It's your Membership. You can switch up your order from month to month, send to a friend, skip a month or cancel when needed. No cancellation fees. No refunds once your order has been made.

Choose your type of Gift Box to start receiving. Allow 3-10 days for arrival.

Gift Box Combo

Celestially Wrapped One of Each Healing Oil bottle & box of Truffles

Gift Box Combo
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