Jade Egg Medicine 

Become a Dragon Priestess of the Jade Egg: Part 1

Yoni Sacred Space

Embody the Divine

Discover the importance of Yoni Breathing

{Yoni=Vaginal Pussy} very magnetic

Learn the power of your body

Activate your untapped psychic sexuality and vitality.

Free guided Gathering & ending in Picnic POTLUCK

With your hosts Nenuphar Flower & Julie Dujardin

Priestess of the Jade Egg Part 1

a Sacred Circle of Women Only

Telepathic communication with the Goddess in you!

Beautiful Healing aromatic mists, ... See More

"In modern times, women across the globe are once again becoming aware of the healing power of gemstones to their bodies."

Nolita Ananda

Our Source for Quality Yoni gem Eggs

Nolita Ananda

Grew Up In The Heart Of 

‘Jade Country’ BC Canada

Blessed to have an uncle as a Jade Carver 

and father as a Jeweler. 

She was taught from a young age about 

the quality of gemstones, which she uses that foundation when choosing gems 

for her company she founded in 2013 Secrets of Jade

She prides herself in offering women the finest and most exquisite Nephrite Jade our country 

has to offer the world.

Powers of Gem Energy

Cultivating self sustainable energy 

with use of jade egg tools.

Benefits of Yoni Egg Practice

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