Couples Wellness Massage

One luminary of wellness facilitates a healing massage experience for the both of you.

Enjoy a deeper connection with each other.

Sleep better, laugh in love more, be happier and connect deeper.

Restore your body, heart and mind together in healing wellness.

Sparklebalm Skills

Below is a concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess both ancient and natural. 

Here are my tricks of the trade and what I bring to the table.

Deep Tissue massage

Angel Oracle Psychic



Healing Oil blends

Gem Dragon Priestess Reiki

Guided Body Meditation

Topical Cannabis

The Benefits in What I offer

I have over 28 years experience in working with couples in sacred healing treatments. Naturally these sessions listed below, unlike my Basic Couples bookings, are more of an interactive listening and learning experience.. especially the Day Long healing massage Eutopia. 

Each couple is unique and each day is different as to what may need tending and mending. 

I bring with me a serene, relaxing pace to the atmosphere through touch and voice. Unwind together in me giving you each healing massage while guiding you to massage and heal one another at times. I share tips and techniques that I know will personally be helpful for you considering my observations on a few different levels.  

These are Restorative deep tissue massage treatments.

Quantum Breakthroughs can be activated. These breakthroughs are a release of any emotional blocks they cannot be forced but will naturally occur the more consistent you book treatments with me. 

I guide you in Inner Body Meditation at your appointment. 

Sensuality and spirituality fusion in every minute.

Designed with your wishes in mind. 

To initiate Contact ME

We can meet in a short Consultation over phone or online video chat. 

Deposit of $75 towards the total must be made before we can book the second phone/video call to discuss wishes for your appointments. 

I cater to the couple's needs and preferences in a relaxing non-rushed manner.

Guaranteed Results of Satisfaction

  • Sleep Better
  • Strengthen your sense of Self 
  • Communicate your needs better
  • See each other with clarity
  • Cry Less, Genuinely Smile & Laugh More
  • Relax Deeper
  • Restore your Body in Wellness
  • Peace of Mind with Present Awareness
  • Argue Less, Connect Better
  • Dissolve emotional distortions

*Unsure if you want to book a full 3-8 hours with me?...

 Book a Basic Couples Massage 60 min. or 90 min. each.

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